Jói, headshot edition
Independent yoghurt.

Hi! I’m Jói Sigurðsson.

Jói is pronounced YO-i. YO as in yoghurt, i as in independent. That’s me. Independent yoghurt.

I left Google in April 2014 after nine and a half years working on products such as Google Desktop and Google Chrome. Instead of a super cushy job with a world class company, my plan was to spend lots of time and money working on startups that may or may not succeed, may or may not change the world, and may or may not provide free lunch and on-site massages, but would probably be fun. In a way I went back to my roots, as I was “doing startups” before I joined Google, way before it was cool.

Crazy, huh?

I’m now working on my startup called CrankWheel. See this blog post for some initial details.