Speech for Startup Reykjavik 2015 Mentors

For the last three summers, I’ve participated as a mentor in the Startup Reykjavik accelerator programme. Today, I was honoured to be voted by the 2014 alumni as “mentor of the year” for last summer’s programme. I was asked to give a short speech for the occasion, for the mentors who are participating in the Startup… Read More

Why CrankWheel, and why Iceland?

The following blog was first published on the Startup Iceland blog on May 11 2015. About a year ago, I left a fantastic job at Google to fulfil my long standing desire to start my own company. I took a couple of months off, then started working on the startup idea I had when I… Read More

Introducing CrankWheel

I’m finally ready to blog about my startup, that I’m now working on full-time after developing it since last fall with my co-founder Þorgils (I’m the technologist, he’s the sales wizard). Our tagline is “CrankWheel: Power your Sales and Service,” we’re on Facebook and Twitter and you can sign up at http://www.crankwheel.com/ to get news… Read More

Why I left Google

When I decided to leave Google a few months ago, I was asked all the questions you might reasonably expect people to ask. “Isn’t it a fantastic place to work? Couldn’t you just switch projects to something really exciting like self-driving cars? Don’t they pay really well? Are you sure you still know how to… Read More